7 Qualities to Look For in a Moving Company

If you’re planning a major move, hiring a trusted moving company can make your life so much simpler. Professional movers are more likely to be able to get your possessions wherever you need them to be, safe and intact. While you’ll certainly be spending more when you hire professional movers, you can consider it an investment in your belongings, time, and sanity.


But not all movers are alike. Some are better than others. Here are a few things you need to look for in a moving company:

1.) Communicative

The bigger or farther the move, the more reason to hire movers that know to communicate. If your mover responds immediately to inquiries, you can take that as a good sign. The lack of communication on a move is a recipe for misplaced possessions and delayed timetables. For this reason, movers that obfuscate info or fail to respond promptly can be a red flag. By hiring movers that take the initiative to actively communicate with you, you are greatly reducing the chances something can go awry.

2.) Has proper certification

One of the first steps in ensuring your possessions are safe is to find out if the people handling them are qualified. Make sure that the moving company you’re considering has the right certifications and licenses from both the state you’re moving from and the state or country you’re moving to. Also, try to verify if all their insurance is up to date.

3.) Within your budget

While you generally don’t want to go full DIY on your move, it’s crucial the professional movers you hire won’t clear out your bank account. Moving houses can be expensive. Not only are moving fees relatively high, but there are also normally a lot of unforeseen expenses in the first couple of months of moving in. There’s also usually a temporary loss of productivity during this period, which usually means lost income. With these things in mind, it’s always best to find movers that could get the job done within your budget.

4.) A reputation for punctuality

If the movers pick up or drop off your things too late or too early, it can put a huge dent in your well-laid moving plans. Make sure to look at reviews or ask people who have previously used their service to find out if the movers you’re considering make it a point to be on time.

5.) Has all the needed equipment and expertise

Moving oversized, heavy, fragile, or irregularly-shaped items safely requires more than muscle power and elbow grease. If you have a grand piano, porcelain vases, valuable artwork, or other similarly awkward items, you’ll want to make sure that the movers you’re hiring are equipped with both the experience and the gear to handle them safely.

6.) Good customer service

You will be extremely busy come moving day and bad customer service is just about the last thing you want. Whenever possible, choose a mover with a reputation for anticipating their customers’ needs and making things right, if needed.

7.) Keeps documentation

Mistakes can and will happen in any major move. This makes it especially important that the moving company you hire documents everything. Everything from the pickup and drop-off times to the number of boxes and the items that require special handling should be documented and signed off on. Having the right documentation in place can prevent items from being misplaced or special instructions being misremembered. While keeping tabs on everything will slow things down, somewhat, it can prevent your valuable possessions from being lost during your move.


Hiring professional movers will be key to keeping your belongings safe and your move, hassle-free. Choosing a good moving company can also save you valuable time, shortening your moving-in period and helping you get into the rhythm of daily life faster. Happy moving!

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