7 challenges when moving to a new city and how to manage them

7 Challenges When Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city can be an exciting but daunting experience, especially if you’re relocating for good. Whether you’re moving with loved ones or are by yourself, there will be challenges that inevitably come with moving to a new city. Here are some common challenges that you might face and how you can effectively deal with them:


  1. Deciding what to bring and what to leave behind. With moving comes serious decluttering. Remember to only bring what you need, especially if you’re moving away with family or friends. Make an inventory of all your belongings and be ruthless in deciding what stays and what goes. You can sell your unneeded possessions in a yard sale or give it away to charity. Avoid damaging furniture or fragile items by hiring a reliable moving company to get the job done. You can focus on actually getting to your new city while they handle your belongings with care.
  2. Making your new residence feel like a home. A new house or apartment can feel unfamiliar at first. It takes a bit of effort and time to make a new place  feel homey as it requires decorating and filling it with your furniture and belongings. Though fun, this process can also be stressful and exhausting. Keep yourself from feeling too burdened by remembering not to rush yourself. Once you’re able to unpack and organize all your stuff, your new home will look beautiful—it just takes some patience.
  3. Managing your expenses. It’s a fact of life that moving is expensive. The best way to prepare for this is to make a list of all the possible expenses that you’re expecting to pay for and to set aside some money in case of an emergency. For the first few months or so, try not to spend too rashly as you’re still in a period of adjustment and bills will always need to be paid on time. Focus on making ends meet and earning back some of the money that you spent on the move first.
  4. Dealing with mixed feelings. Moving to a new city can also be emotionally draining for a number of reasons. Since you’re essentially transferring your old life to a new place, a lot of your time and energy will go into getting used to it. At first, you might feel fired up and excited to explore your new surroundings and discover what it has to offer.  However, you might also feel homesick and sad. These are normal responses that come with adapting to a new place. Try to focus on why you moved and talk to the people that you miss if you need support. These feelings will go away in time.
  5. Keeping yourself safe in a new place. People that are in a new and unfamiliar town can become easy targets for those with bad intentions, so it’s important to put your own safety and security first. Change the locks on your new place, even if you’ve just moved in. Meet people in public areas and don’t trust strangers so easily. You should also make  sure your social media posts about moving to a new place aren’t publicly available either. Never take your own safety for granted in a new city.
  6. Meeting new people. It’s important to be open to forming new relationships with people in the place you just moved to. Even if you didn’t move away by yourself, it’s still easy to feel lonely when you’re exploring the restaurants, museums, and parks by yourself. While it can be socially exhausting, be brave enough to put yourself out there and mingle with people. Go to concerts and gigs and talk to the people there, join a dating app, volunteer for an organization, or eat with your new coworkers. You’ll feel much more comfortable in a new place when you have a few friends nearby.
  7. Having an uncertain timeline for a while. Your daily routine may be unpredictable while you’re adapting to a new place. Your landlord might drop by randomly, something in your house might break down unexpectedly, a person may want to meet on a weeknight, and other crazy situations may occur. While this can certainly be frustrating, it’s important to stay strong and remind yourself that this is a part of moving. Things will settle down and normalize eventually, and  it’s simply a matter of getting through it as best as you can.

We hope that these tips will be helpful in making your adjustment period a bit more bearable when you move to a new city. You can’t dodge every challenge that comes your way, but you can at least be prepared for whatever they might bring you. Sources:

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